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Can Hiking Boots be used in Snow?

Can Hiking Boots be used in Snow?

Be it summer or winter the thrill of being surrounded by nature cannot be expressed in words. Every passionate hiker typically has a few of their collection of hiking boots. Some hiking boots are dedicated for sunny summers and some for snowy winters but can hiking boots be used in snow. This is a question that usually comes up if you have just a pair of regular hiking boots. 

Now coming back to the question can hiking boots be used in snow too? The answer is yes, but you would need to take some extra preparation to use it in the snow. Also, you must look out for a few things when you are thinking about using your hiking boots in the snow. With some tips and tricks, you are good to go on hiking even when the tracks are snowy with your regular hiking boots. 

Three Major Aspects to Consider Before Going on Hiking

If you don’t have extra pair of snow boots designed for wearing at snow then this article is for you. Regular hiking boots can be used for hiking on uneven and gravelly roads. You can use it on dirt too. The strong grip of these boots keeps you firmly attached to the surface. As a result, it will reduce the chances of physical injury. The usual kind is designed for sunny weather. Thus, if you plan on utilizing them on snow which you can, you should keep in mind three things and they are:

1. Traction

Now that the question ‘can hiking boots be used in snow’ has been answered you should be aware that this may go wrong if you are not careful. The first thing you should keep in mind is the traction of your boot that you are going to use on snow. But if you have a pair of hiking boots that comes with great traction it would help with your balance. Since you want to use your hiking boots even in snow, you must choose a pair that has a good traction feature. Otherwise, I would recommend not to take chances. 

2. Check the Condition of The Tracks 

If you cannot resist the temptation and decide on hiking in winter with your hiking boots,  make sure to check the condition of the tracks. If you observe that the roads are covered with light snow it means that your regular pair would be enough for hiking. It would not cause any unfortunate occurrence as long as you are not hiking in deep snow. If your boots go up to your ankles light snow wouldn’t be able to enter. Thus, your feet would remain warm and dry. 

3. Heavy Snow 

Hiking on tracks covered in thick snow with a regular pair of hiking boots is quite risky. See if the depth of snow is more than one inch. That’s your cue to take more measures. When the snow is heavy the answer to the question of ‘can hiking boots be used in snow’ changes.

The possibility of getting your feet wet is high if you go on hiking in the deep snow wearing ordinary hiking boots. Thus, my first recommendation would be to stay at home. But with some tricks, you can make ordinary hiking boots suitable for thick snow too. 

You have to ensure that your boots are waterproof. It is not a problem as you can get hiking boots that already come with this feature. In case yours are not, buy a spay for waterproofing purposes. Other than that, you can buy micro-spikes for better grip and gaiters so your legs don’t get wet.

Best Tips for Hiking with Your Regular Boots in Snow  

Hiking in snow isn’t easy. But proper planning and good pieces of equipment would help you avoid the obstacles in a hiking trip.  The following are the tips you need to check before going on hiking in the snow with your hiking boots.     

Warm Feet 

How would you hike if your feet are numb from cold snow? As I mentioned before, hiking boots are for hiking in warm weather. That’s why your pair doesn’t come with an insulation feature. Thus, you would need socks that remove this problem. Get a pair of socks with an insulation feature.

Another problem you might face is getting blisters on your feet. Standing in snow for a long period causes this problem.

Get Perfectly Fitted Boots 

Buying hiking boots that fit you perfectly is another point you should add to your checklist. Tightly fitted boots are bad for your feet which also makes hiking tough. It interrupts blood circulation and causes blisters. Also, make sure the pair you are buying covers the ankle area perfectly. 


A pair of waterproof hiking boots will save you a lot of trouble. But if don’t have one then you need to waterproof it. For that, you can use a spray available in the market or apply a waterproof coat. You must make sure that the boots are water-resistant even if the snow is not thick enough to reach your ankles. This way your feet would get cold or wet. 

Bottom Line!

If you have read up until now, you know the answer to - ‘can hiking boots be used in snow’. You sure can experience the thrill of hiking in snow-covered tracks fearlessly.  Though hiking in thin snow does not need much preparation but for deep snow, you must go prepared. Follow the tips and you wouldn’t need to buy snow boots for hiking in the snow.      

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